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Six Tips

Six tips on how to keep Silicone & TPE Dolls

Due to their realistic appearance and complete structure, silicone & TPE sex doll are popular. The powerful materials used to build these dolls have a knack for real functionality. In order to preserve the elasticity, grace, and robustness of silicone & TPE sex dolls, it is necessary to clean and maintain these dolls every day.

Proper washing and maintenance: Sex dolls with silicone & TPE must be washed with hot water. Note that mild detergents need to be used (or antibacterial soap). A mild detergent should be used regularly in order to keep all parts of the doll clean and tidy, but it must be remembered that the color and softness of the doll's look would not be harmed.

Moderate use: With plastic items such as silicone & TPE sex dolls, constant bending of the joints can harm the body during everyday use. Therefore, you need to be very vigilant with sex dolls made of silicone & TPE and do not attempt to swing their form every day, which to any degree can cause permanent harm to the doll. In addition, do not store the dolls for a long time in the same room, which can cause shifts in the silicone/TPE content or dents in some pieces.

Maintain air pressure: In order to keep the doll alive, air pressure is not the only operation. You need to wait for the right air to be dispersed the same way in the doll. One of the biggest challenges keeping the doll from being harmed is this.

Detachable dust removal parts: If the doll is wearing a wig, it is advised to regularly remove the wig and wash it with shampoo to prevent contamination or injury. If required, in order to give the doll a striking look and feel, everyone can change the wig once a week.

When washing, prevent close contact with electrical appliances: costly Smart silicone & TPE sex dolls can include electronic equipment. In this case, before using detergent or using some other items, it is better to remove the electronic components. If it cannot be removed, it is recommended that the pieces be scrubbed in the right direction instead of immersing the electronic equipment directly in water or the doll can collapse.

Wipe/rinse with a dry cloth: Use a hot towel or fluffy towel to wipe up the residual detergent after cleaning and dusting the doll with antibacterial detergent or mild detergent.

Conclusion: It is now clear that silicone & TPE sex dolls require sufficient repairs, maintenance, and a lot of security information to maintain them soft, attractive, and sturdy. It is not necessary to buy what sort of silicone & TPE sex doll to buy, but always pay attention to proper cleaning and storage.
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