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Sex Doll Rental Hall Rescued Companies Hit by COVID-19 Coronavirus

The ravages of the COVID-19 coronavirus have had a fatal effect on the lives of tens of millions of people worldwide. It has also impacted many countries' economies, causing businesses to take crisis management initiatives.

In her own way, a female owner involved in the hotel industry in Hong Kong wanted to face this dilemma. To cope with the grim market created by the outbreak, she wanted to turn her hotel into a Real Doll rental experience hall. It is true that Hong Kong has far fewer cases of new coronary pneumonia compared to other affected countries or areas, with 5238 currently registered. The once prosperous and busy avenues, though, are now deserted because they have taken steps to shut down the city and divide it. Tourism prohibitions have also been released at the same time. Owing to tourism concerns, about 200 hotels are likely to be closed. Moreover, owing to some civil strife last year, over 300 hotels have been forced to shutter.

She learned how to turn a hotel into a couple-themed hotel while a 15-room hotel was owned by a senior Hong Kong hotelier. By searching for nice couples, she hopes to shield her company from a slowdown. At the time, however, the plague had an adverse impact on her company, making it hard for her to sustain it.

Shirley (pseudonym) does not want to wait for the outbreak to stop for this cause. She converted the hotel into a sex doll renting activity hall with the aid of a friend who sells sex dolls, as it is known that sex dolls are adult toys that have increasingly arisen in recent years.

Then, with Li Huilin, she explored her business ideas with (pseudonym). The two became business partners, while the founder of the love hotel booking app was Huilin. The two knew a flawed business model would be followed by them. A young man opened Hong Kong's first sex doll rental experience hall as early as September 2018. The man placed the rental experience hall in a 100-square-meter apartment in Kwun Tong's factory house. The sex doll is put in three rooms, and for one hour, the rental fee is HK$500. Two months later, however, he was confiscated for offering obscene movies and showing adult dolls without a license.

Now, the sex doll renting experience hall has been finally finished. With numerous themes, clients will book spaces. Female dolls range in price from 150 to 250 bucks. She plans to recruit another person to help her clean up these 45-kg dolls, according to Shirley. Around the same time, Shirley cannot supply consumers with any film and TV shows to escape regulatory issues, and customers are not approved to purchase sex dolls.

Huilin told her, according to Shirley, that the scale of their market was like a dark tunnel. They would not get a chance to see where the gold is if they don't sneak.

Shirley knew that the public could oppose her company. There is nothing unethical about this, though, but they only have what the public wants without violating public morality. She also found out that persons who do not communicate successfully with the same sex and people that are involved in sex dolls are their target group.

Shirley and Huilin engaged a lawyer, aware of the legal challenges their organization could face. The lawyer assured them they would not face any legal issues with their new business.

Moreover, Shirley stressed that they only rent rooms with sex dolls, not advertise pornography facilities. She also publicly announced that to extend her business, she and Huilin are considering converting other hotels. Shirley realizes, though, that her ideas for expansion do not have positive results. If she is threatened by the media to stop continuing, so she will drop her extension.

Hong Kong law requires certain businesses to be banned in the Mainland, and in some other countries, sex doll rental experience halls have been around for a long time. A sex doll renting experience hall opened in Barcelona, Spain, in February 2017. The owner believed that it was the world's first home. The notorious Li Bo opened the first sex doll rental experience hall in mainland China in Longhua, Shenzhen, in September the following year.

The rental experience hall should not be described as a pornographic venue, according to the barrister, and he could not find any place that did not conform to the rule. He claims that sex toys, not sex services, are offered by Shirley and Huilin. This should not be deemed unethical since no one knows what clients do in their rented space with sex dolls.

Shirley's proposals are really innovative, said David Leung, the founder of the Hong Kong Hostels Association and a hotel industry veteran. When the hotel business is actually facing challenges, this is a smart tactic. He added that as long as the rental experience hall of Shirley is lawfully registered, there is, of course, no issue as a corporation.
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